Blocking numbers on smartphones

Instead of panicking when receiving calls from unknown numbers, simply block them.

Blocking numbers on smartphones

We have all been bombarded by calls from companies, telemarketers and even debt collectors. Instead of panicking when receiving these calls, you can now simply block the number.

Open your iPhone. Click the phone call symbol. Click on ‘Recents’. Next to the number or contact that you wish to block, click the (i) information symbol. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click ‘Block this caller’.

To see the numbers and contacts you have blocked: from the home screen, click on ‘Settings’. Now click on ‘Phone’. Finally, click on ‘Call Blocking & Identification’.

Android phones
Open your phone and go to your recent calls area. Hold your finger on the contact or number you wish to block and from the pop-up window press ‘Block number’. If this doesn’t work on your android phone, tap on the 3-dot menu icon on the top-right-hand corner of the screen. Press ‘Settings’. From the menu, press ‘Call blocking’ and add the number you wish to block.

Android – Samsung
Open the phone call area.
Select the number/contact you wish to block. Press ‘More’ located in the top-right-hand corner. Select ‘Add to Auto-Reject List’. You can view and make edits to this list by visiting Settings, then by pressing ‘Call Settings’, followed by pressing ‘All Calls’ and finally pressing ‘Auto Reject’.

Android – LG
Open the phone call area.
Press the 3-dot icon at the top-right-hand corner. Press ‘Call Settings’. Press ‘Reject Calls’. Press the + button and add the number you wish to block.

Android – HTC
Open the phone call area. Press and hold the phone number you wish to block. Press ‘Block Contact’. Press ‘OK’. If you ever wish to remove a contact from the blocked list, visit the ‘People’ app.

Android – Apps
There are several call blocking apps on the Android store. We have listed the three we feel do the job well below.

1. Mr Number
2. Call Blocker
3. Calls Blacklist



    To make a comment, please register or login
    5th Apr 2018
    Does anyone know how to block a nuisance call from India on WhatsApp Calls my mobile is a Sony Android. Many thanks
    Occasional Traveller
    5th Apr 2018
    Go into Account, then Privacy and then Blocked. Of course you have to know what number was used to call you from India ( or anywhere else for that matter!)
    5th Apr 2018
    on an Iphone if you use the above method to 'block' your caller. the phone still rings- but the 'blocked caller" just does not get through- still a nuisance to get the ring

    any one know something to stop the ring?
    5th Apr 2018
    Many thanks I have now blocked the number lets hope that they dont call again in the middle if the night tis usually between 11pm and 1am

    5th Apr 2018
    Just hang up on them.
    Young Simmo
    7th Apr 2018
    I have been using a little trick for years that at least gives me a KICK. I went to the local sports shop and bought a high frequency whistle. When I get these annoying mongrels I give the longest, hardest ear piecing blast I can muster. Then I hope like hell that they are using earphones.......Makes my day, even if it dosen't make theirs.

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