Custom ringtones

Try this simple step-by-step guide to give your phone a custom ringtone

A phone goes off in a crowded train, and everyone reaches for their pocket. Wouldn’t it be easier if you knew it wasn’t yours without checking? Try this simple step-by-step guide to give your phone a custom ringtone, and personalise your technology.

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Custom ringtone apps

Step 1
Open the iTunes app which was installed on your phone when you bought it.

Step 2 Tap ‘search’ in the menu at the bottom of the screen, type in the name of the ringtone you are looking for and hit ‘search’.

Step 3
There may be a number of options associated with the word or phrase you have searched for – for example, if you have searched ‘Batman’, you may be able to download a Batman movie, television show, or song, as well as a Batman ringtone – these options will be grouped by type. Scroll through the list, and look at the options available under ‘ringtones’.

Step 4 Tapping on the name of the ringtone will allow you to preview it, so you know what you’re getting.

Step 5 Tapping on the price of the ringtone will allow you to purchase it. Type in your password when prompted.

Step 6 You may be asked whether you want to set it as your default ringtone when you purchase it. Tapping yes will automatically set it as your ringtone. If you do this, ignore step 7.

Step 7 If you were not asked to set it as your default ringtone, or if you were but you tapped ‘no’, exit iTunes and wait a few minutes for the ringtone to download. Next open up your phone settings, go to ‘sounds’, ‘ringtone’, and choose the ringtone you purchased from the list.

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