Five best websites for brain games

These five websites offer fun ways to exercise your brain.

Five best websites for brain games

Looking after your brain health reduces your risk of dementia. These five websites offer fun ways to exercise your brain – it’s never too late to start.

Lumosity is a very comprehensive website with an accompanying smartphone app. You can use basic functions for free, but access to the full website requires a paid subscription, which starts from $5 per month. Lumosity starts you off with a few basic brain tests, and then uses games to improve your cognitive skills in a range of areas. The program has been developed by neuroscientists, and with so much research being done by Lumosity into neuroplasticity you’d like to think that these games really can help your brain to stay healthy and sharp.

Your Brain Matters
The brain exercise page of the Your Brain Matters website doesn’t offer games as such, but it does explain in great detail the best way to use brain games and exercises to help you avoid Alzheimer’s. Find out which activities you should be focussing on to get the best results at the Your Brain matters website.

Games for the Brain
The Games for the Brain website is one of the simplest available. It is sparse in design, but offers links to over 28 games to both entertain and stretch your brain. For those who like simple, efficient presentation of information, this is the website is for you.

BrainyApp, a smartphone and tablet app, has been developed by Alzheimer’s Australia and the Bupa Health Foundation. It is designed to raise awareness of the risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The BrainyApp surveys your test results to see how healthy your brain is, and then offers fun activities to help boost your brain score. The app is available for free for both Apple and Android devices.

YOURLifeChoices games
We offer our own set of free games for you to play online, with no extra device required. Work on our daily crossword, play Sudoku, try your hand at mahjong or test yourself with our wordsearch on the YOURLifeChoices games page.

Do you have a favourite website for brain games? If it isn’t in the above list, share the link in the comments below.


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    7th Mar 2014
    Thank you for the games -
    I play a lot it helps with my blank spots & confusion
    Tropical Swap
    Word drop
    Cyber Mouse Party is such a hoot -
    7th Mar 2014
    Cyber Mice I got to level 8 - good luck !
    Golden Oldie
    7th Mar 2014
    I tried to access the games from this newsletter, and it came up with the message "this plug-in is not supported. My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Any advice?
    7th Mar 2014
    I was almost sucked in to Lumosity until one of the ads said " my brain feels great" and another said :my brain has never felt better ' Derrrrrr
    7th Mar 2014
    What ever happened to Lemmings I use to love that game but my floppy disc doesn't play on modern computers. Would love to get an up to date copy, anybody know if its still available.
    7th Mar 2014
    There are 2 sites from which you can download logic puzzles of various sorts. You can try the games out, and if you find you really like any of them, they are quite cheap to buy a registered of any of them. Everett Kaser has been making these games since the 1990's when I first met them - WOW! And Kris Pixton has some quite different but still excellent games, some based on solving the puzzle to reveal fantastic photos. The websites are and Some of the games are now also available for playing on android devices.
    Jon S
    9th Mar 2014
    Don't be put off by what btony says about Lumosity. I have been playing it for over 2 years and find it immensely useful a a daily brain exercise.

    Just ignore the silly comments that btony alludes to
    Pandora's Box
    9th Mar 2014
    BRAIN HQ by posit science is probably one of the best researched set of brain games.

    I am also addicted to Word Bubbles, the free game from Lumosity. So far my highest score is 4320. I got this tonight after doing a couple of brain hq exercises!
    10th Mar 2014
    Some good brain games:
    Binary puzzles:
    KenKen puzzles:
    Set Game:
    Chess puzzles:
    chess problems:
    25th Jun 2019
    Beautiful Mind Games, another good site with logic games:

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