Five iPhone tips you need to know

Find out how to take better photos, avoid excess data fees and more. These five tips will save you both time and effort.

Camera focus and exposure lock
When taking a photo hold one finger on the object you want to focus on, until the focusing square blinks, you can now remove your finger. The text “AE/AF LOCK” should now appear, and then you will be able to move your phone without changing the focus. This can be very useful when taking macro shots.

Manage cellular data
This new feature of iOS 7 allows you to choose which apps can use your cellular data, limiting others to WiFi, potentially saving you from bill-shock. You can find this setting in ‘Settings > Cellular’.

Fingerprint scanner
New iPhone models come with a built-in fingerprint scanner, for easy unlocking and security, but this new technology can be unreliable. To help it recognize your fingerprint, you can add it up to three times, increasing the chances of success whilst unlocking. You can do this in ‘Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Add a Fingerprint’.

Bubble level
Another hidden feature of the iPhone is the bubble level. It’s located in the ‘Compass’ app, which can be found in the ‘Utilities’ folder on the home screen. With the app open, simply swipe the compass to the left and the bubble level will appear.

Search text messages
The search bar at the top of the “Messages” screen can be used to search for more than contacts, it also allows you to search for a specific message. This is incredibly handy when looking back for messages containing information such as addresses or dates. 

Written by ryanbo