Five must-know iPhone shortcuts

Learn how to take better quality photos, lock your phones orientation or enable emoticons.

Drew reveals five iPhone shortcuts which will enable you to take better quality photos, lock your phones orientation, enable emoticons and take a screenshot.

Take a photo with both hands
There is nothing worse than taking a photo and later realising it is out of focus. So, how do you take a quality photo when you are required to use one of your hands to press the photo key on screen? Apple has included in all of their iPhones a shortcut for taking a photo which allows you to hold the phone with both hands. When next taking a photo, hold your phone with two hands horizontally and press the + button which is located on the left hand side of your phone, and is usually used for increasing volume. You will now find that it is easy to take a stable photo.

Lock your phone orientation
From your home screen, double tap your ‘Home’ button (the circular button below your screen). This will pop up a mini menu at the bottom of your screen. Scroll this screen to the left. On this screen the far left icon will be a box with a circle inside it. Press this icon. At the bottom of your screen it will now display ‘Portrait Orientation Locked’. If you ever want to unlock the orientation, repeat this process.

Open camera from lock screen
There is nothing worse than struggling to get past your lock screen and clicking on your camera app to have the perfect photo pass you by. What most people don’t know is that there is now a built-in camera button on your lock screen which doesn’t require you to enter your passcode to take a photo.

On the lock screen, to the right of the slider which unlocks your phone, there is a camera icon. To open up your camera without unlocking your phone, press this icon and slide it upwards on your screen. This will open up your camera.

Enable emoticons
Emoticons have been built into phones as standard for the past decade and even though Apple has built emoticons into their system, they did not enable them.

From your home screen press ‘Settings’. Scroll down and press ‘General’ Now press ‘Keyboard’. There will be a option called ‘Keyboards’ with a 1 next to it. Press this symbol. Finally, scroll down and press on ‘Add New Keyboard’ and browse down to ‘Emoji’. Select and add this keyboard.

Now, whenever you want to use an emoticon when sending a message, there will be a globe symbol at the bottom of your screen next to the space key.

Taking a screenshot
Hold down the ‘Home’ button (the circular button below your screen) and the ‘Lock’ button (on the top of your phone on the right hand side) at the same time. If your sound is turned on, you will hear a noise which sounds like a camera taking a photo when it happens. Regardless of whether your sound is turned on or off, the screen will quickly flash when the screenshot is taken. The screenshot will be saved to your photos folder.


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