Five secret iPhone codes

We’ve let you in on our insider’s tips for hidden iPhone features and today we’re going to share a few secret codes to unlock five more special features that will make your iPhone even more useful.

Avoiding a call
Is this a bad time? You might not want to pick up a call but you also don’t want to make it obvious that you’re declining the call. Let the caller down gently by using call forwarding. By activating this feature, you will automatically forward all incoming calls to your voicemail. To turn it on, simply dial: *#21# from the keypad and hit call. Whenever you’re ready to allow calls to come through, just dial the same number again to turn it off.

Concealing your number
Want your number to show up as a private number? Keep your anonymity by dialling: #31# before entering the person’s phone number you want to ring. This will hide your number from their screen. If you want to make this feature permanent for all outgoing calls, just dial: *#31#. Type in the same number to switch off this feature.

Checking your signal
Are your phone calls coming through crackly but the handset shows that you have good reception? Check how strong your connection really is by typing in *3001#12345#* and pressing call. This will take you to the device’s Field Test mode, which is a secret set of menus used by app developers. In other words, most of us will probably struggle to understand what all the numbers mean.

Next, hold down the handset’s power button and a number should appear in the top left of the screen. This number will be your signal strength. A score of –50 indicates a strong connection, while –120 means you have problems.

N.B. Some devices may need to power off first. From the Field Test area, ‘slide to power off’ option appears. Press the Home button to turn the device back on and your signal will be displayed on the screen.

Activating call waiting
You’ve been waiting all day for a call from somebody important when your friend suddenly decides to ring you. If you’re worried about missing a call from someone you really need to speak to, try activating you iPhone’s call waiting feature. This will allow you to take your friend’s call and notify you if a second call is coming through while you’re having that first conversation. You’ll then have the option of answering the new call straightaway. To enable this, dial: *43# and press call. The same number will turn it off again.

Finding your phone’s IMEI
If you’ve ever reported your phone lost or stolen, or changed networks, you might be familiar with your phone’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). If not, your IMEI is a unique number to identify your specific device. You could scroll through your Settings to find your IMEI, or you can type in: *#06# and the code will instantly appear.

Do you know any secret phone codes or hidden features you’d like to share?

Written by ameliath


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