2nd Jul 2014
Free easy-to-use smartphone keyboards
Free easy-to-use smartphone keyboards

These new smartphone keyboards can get you typing faster than ever before, and best of all, they’re free.

iOS 8 is on the way for Apple devices and the new operating system will support a customised keyboard which allows the use of predictive text. The keyboard will pick up on common phrases you use and enter them in for you, saving you both time and effort.

We’ve found two of the most popular free smartphone keyboards, which you can get for Android and Apple devices now.

SwiftKey makes use of predictive text and according to their website is 34% more efficient than standard smartphone keyboards. The app holds the record for the longest time spent at number one on the Google Play store for a paid app, and is now available for free.

Swiftkey will be available on Apple devices when iOS 8 is released, but Swiftkey have jumped the gun slightly, releasing a note taking app in which you can use the popular keyboard. So if you want to test it out right away, you can head to iTunes and download the free app now.

Download the app for Android here.

Flesky is a unique keyboard, which has become more popular recently after a user of it broke the world record for the fastest text message typed. Flesky specialises in knowing which word you are trying to type if you hit some of the wrong keys, which can save plenty of time as well.

Like SwiftKey above, Flesky has also released an app on the iTunes store.

Download the app for Android here.


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    Polly Esther
    9th Jul 2014
    There is no such thing as a free lunch, what can only follow is indigestion.
    9th Jul 2014
    I don't bother typing. I use speech to text recognition. Siri is a big help also.

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