Google Wallet

A new online payment system with free money transfers.

Google Wallet

For over a decade, PayPal has cornered the market on online payments. Google’s new product, Google Wallet, is set to change the landscape significantly.

Already launched for users in the United States of America, Google Wallet is the future of online payments and could potentially become your physical wallet within a decade.

Google seem to always come in at the bottom end of the market on any product they introduce and Google Wallet is no different. Sending and receiving money through Google Wallet either from your wallet or directly from your bank account will be free, while credit card payments will attract the usual 2.9 per cent fee. Compared with the fee structure of rival PayPal, which takes a percentage of the money sent, Google Wallet is a game changer.

With the market share of Android powered devices growing quarterly, Google has created the Google Wallet product to allow Android smartphones to be used as ‘Tap and Pay’ devices. This means that you could walk into Myer, select a product you wish to buy, pull out your smartphone, select your card of choice which is loaded into the Google Wallet and then tap (similar to paypass) to purchase the product.

Google hasn’t released any date for worldwide deployment, but I will be watching Google’s media page closely and keep you updated.

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    Pass the Ductape
    4th Jun 2013
    Pay Pal .....Google Wallet! No - sorry.... Google Wallet doesn't quite have the same ring of confidence. Has me thinking Google's wallet is more important than my own.
    Young Simmo
    4th Jun 2013
    Yes Pay Pal has served us well for the last 5 or 6 years, and I can't think of any reason for changing. After 300 plus e-bay transactions, and probably 300 others and only one company has my bank account details. I can sleep easily at night.
    5th Jun 2013
    i use paypal for small online purchases as ...for some reason...paypal does not
    accept my 2nd line address extra 'drop off into box on patio' saying that there
    is no such address...i'd prefer an australian/british company as i try n o t
    to support any US-company (which is often not possible

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