5th Mar 2014
Great gadget: Saviour glass
Great gadget: Saviour glass

Saviour Glass is a thin screen protector for your mobile phone, which is specially designed to stop the screen from shattering if you drop your phone. It’s a viable alternative to a bulky case.

Saviour Glass looks like any other transparent screen protector. It sticks to the face of your phone, and it claims to have overcome the problems with previous screen protectors, as it offers ‘superb optical clarity’ and ‘excellent touch sensitivity’. But the main benefit of these tech-add-ons is that, in the unfortunate event that you drop your smartphone on a hard surface, they stop the screen from shattering.

Replacing a phone screen can be expensive. The Saviour Glass is made using 9H rated flexible tempered glass composite technology. It’s easy to fit to your phone screen (just be sure to square it up properly before letting it rest on the screen).

If you’re not convinced, watch the video – I particularly enjoy the part where they go to town on an iPhone with a hammer, and the phone comes away unscathed.

This money-saving gadget can be purchased from Big W for $39.95.

What do you think? Is this the best idea since the iPhone itself?


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    11th Mar 2014
    Don't waste your money a friend got one of those and when he dropped his phone the glass smashed to bits. It was also very hard to keep it stuck on the front of the phone.
    the hoffer
    25th Mar 2014
    Not sure what your friend had, but I have one of these on my phone, and I have dropped it numerous times with no damage. I always carry my phone in my pocket with car keys but there are no scratches. I reckon if you didn't install it correctly, you might have some problems with it sticking, but as long as you don't touch your fingers to the sticky side of the screen , it should be fine. I always break screens, broke 3 on my last iphone and cost $90 a pop to fix. Should have had at least 2 screen breaks on my new Samsung, but this screen protector has saved my phone. I recommend getting a decent case too.
    25th Mar 2014
    Friends phone is a Telstra ZTE and that gadget never worked on it and they don't even make a cover / case for them
    25th Mar 2014
    Meant to add that to have the screen replaced is $200 on this one
    the hoffer
    25th Mar 2014
    Hear what you are saying PlanB, a mate of mine had a HTC1 and screen was $150, cheaper to buy a new one (nearly). Just had a look at the site, and you are right, they only make this product for Apple and Samsung. Works well on my Samsung S4 though..........
    26th Mar 2014
    Yes hoffer, I have heard they are great phones, however friend has to have one for remote areas and also needs to be able to use a patch lead and seems the Telstra one is the one that has those.

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