How will you look in the future?

These fun apps can show you how well your face will (or won’t!) age in the future.

How will you look in the future?

It’s a question everyone asks at some stage in their life: how will I look in 10 years time? Well, these fun (and possibly depressing!) apps can show you just that.

Many of us are interested in how we will age – be it due to vanity or just plain old curiosity. Finding out how we’ll look in the future can simply be a spot of fun or a way to see what you need to do in the meantime to ensure those crow’s feet don’t fly out of control.

AgingBoothfor iPhoneiPad or Android, is an app that can show you how your face will age. Simply take a ‘selfie’, or have someone take a photo of you, then run it through the app’s ageing algorithm and see what you’ll look like in the future. The app also has a few in-app purchases, such as FatBooth, UglyBooth and BaldBooth – all of which are fairly self-explanatory and a light-hearted source of amusement.

Here’s how AgingBooth assessed my ageing face…


If the AgingBooth app doesn’t provide you with a depressing-enough portrait, then try In 20 Years – a website which will give you what I feel is quite possibly the most horrifying results imaginable. Once again, you upload your portrait and let the website do the rest. The outcome may have you frantically dialling a plastic surgeon or, if you’re feeling particularly brave, will give your friends a few laughs should you post it on Facebook.

Besides being a bit of fun, age progression tools can be a useful way to inspire you to look after yourself a little better in the meantime. Gerontology is the practice of studying the process of ageing, and the Masters of Gerontology website presents 25 age-progression tools that may help you stay on top of your health, including some interesting utilities that include calculating your biological age, life expectancy and death risk, as well asa plethora of insightful age-progression tools.

Are you interested in how you’ll look in the future? Why not have a go at one (or more) of these apps and share your pics on the Meeting Place?


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    19th Nov 2015
    Too Easy! Get a George Clooney Mask or Katie Perry Mask ! Problem solved !! :-)

    19th Nov 2015
    Couldn't be bothered. No value in ruining my own day.
    19th Nov 2015
    Isn't it bad enough to see your photo from 2o years ago, then look in the mirror now! Not into self-cruelty
    19th Nov 2015
    Very true. It's hard enough to shave each morning.
    20th Nov 2015
    Two Faces have I Yi YI !!
    Nan Norma
    19th Nov 2015
    I fell out with my bathroom mirror some time gain.
    20th Nov 2015
    Well, before I make a comment I need a new mirror , mines all wrinkly...

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