Keep your data limit

If you’ve been on your mobile data plan for some time, you may be surprised at how the download limits have changed on new plans and not necessarily for the better. A quick phone call may be all it takes to get you more data for your dollar.

Recently my Vodafone contract expired and when I looked at the new range of plans available, I was dismayed to find that for the same money each month, I was getting half of the monthly data download. So, I did nothing, continued to pay my monthly bill and enjoyed the same data download.

Then I dropped my phone in water and rather than pay for a new one, I decided to bite the bullet and contact Vodafone to see what deals it could offer.

I was delighted to be told that I could have the new iPhone 5, but was waiting for the sting in the tale and to be told that I would have to move to a new plan with less data. To my surprise, I was told that as I had been on my plan for some time, I could actually stay on it and still get the $10 monthly discount I had been receiving. Thank you Vodafone!

Telcos will always look to make money from their customers; that’s the nature of business, but loyalty does pay. So if you like the plan you’re on, but it seems that your telco no longer offers it, pick up the phone and ask.

Written by Debbie McTaggart