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When technology gets wet

technology, wet, laptop, phone, fix, help, tutorial, mobile phone, iphone, computer

When technology gets wet

It can be as exotic as a wave lapping gently over your mobile phone, ...

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  1. Which phone plan is for you?
  1. Review: Simple senior friendly phone
  1. Telstra reduces roaming rates
  1. Keep your data limit
  1. ACMA fails to act on global roaming

Nokia’s ‘new’ $70 phone

Nokia's new simple and affordable phone 3310

Nokia’s ‘new’ $70 phone

Nokia’s new $70 phone harks back to an age now passed.

Extend your mobile ring duration

ring extension, voicemail, missed calls, smartphone, mobile, ringing, duration

Extend your mobile ring duration

Drew explains how to extend your mobile ring duration.

Phone plans: prepaid vs postpaid

Close up of cross legged woman with iphone and dog

Phone plans: prepaid vs postpaid

When trying to save money on your phone plan, which option is best for you?

Europe ends mobile roaming charges

Europe ends mobile roaming charges

Europe ends mobile roaming charges

Europe will be scrapping mobile data roaming charges from 2017.


Prepaid mobile plan on a budget

Jacqui needs help finding a pensioner friendly prepaid mobile plan.

Drew shares a few options

Telcos’ prepaid data swindle

Drew explains what the data swindle means and which providers to avoid

Avoid paying too much

Best mobile phone plans

Choosing a mobile plan is simple with some of the best mobile phone plans available in Australia

Get the best value for money

Plans & Caps

Optus pays your cancellation fees

If you swap to Optus, it will pay for up to $200 of your early cancellation fees.

Call to action

Data sharing plans explained

New data sharing plans allow you to share mobile data between your devices.

Are they really worth it?

Choosing the best mobile contract

Find out the differences between 12- and 24-month phone contracts.

Contracts clarified

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