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It is now common practice for telcos to entice customers into re-signing new mobile phone plans before their 24-month contract ends. While it may seem as though they are offering a good deal, Webmaster Drew compares the different options available which in the long term may save you money.

Finding the best phone plan to suit your needs is an ominous task but to make things a little easier, YOURLifeChoices has laid out the information below in the simplest format. However, it is important to note that $500 on the Optus network is different to $500 on the 3 network. You will need to read the fine print to find the exact differences (a call may cost $0.01 per minute less for example). The comparison used is for the iPhone 4 32GB, currently the most popular phone, on a 24-month contract.

As you can see in the table above, Telstra is $360 more expensive than the plans on any other network while providing $100 less in calls per month and 500mb less in mobile internet data than two of the other operators. The reason for this significantly higher price is Telstra’s mobile network. Telstra’s mobile network provides higher signal strength and is more reliable than any other network in Australia.

Until recently, Vodafone and 3 were known for providing inexpensive plans but had a lack of coverage in some areas. In December 2010 Vodafone and 3 combined forces to provide a better product and coverage to customers. They are still operating as different brands, but use the same network.

When you are looking for a new mobile phone plan, it is worth shopping around for the best price. Visiting phone retailers such as Crazy Johns is good option as it provides you with another price point.

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