Simple mobile phone

YOURLifeChoices member Cathy is looking for a simple pre-paid mobile phone without any of the bells and whistles. Drew has found three mobiles that suit Cathy’s needs.



Hi Drew,


I would like to purchase a very simple mobile phone for emergency use, without bells and whistles. When I go into Telstra, Vodafone or Optus store I get very confused. Sales people are more interested in selling up market iPhone packages.


I would really appreciate suggestions. Thank you.





Hi Cathy, thanks for getting in contact.


There are a number of different phones available (all pre-paid) which don’t come with the bells & whistles.


I have suggested three phones below with the top two easily available for purchase in Australia while the third may be a little harder to locate. Your other option is to visit your local cash converters or similar second hand retailer and browse their selection of second hand mobile phones which may be suitable for your needs.

Oricom Ezy 100

DoroPhone Easy 616

Emporia Click

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