The five worst mobile phones of all time

We live in an age where the smartphone, with its impressive technology has changed the way we communicate forever. But the inventers of the smartphone apparently went through a large ‘trial and error’ phase. Here are the worst five cell phones of all time.

1. Hp IPAQimage

In 2004, HP release the IPAQ, as according to their market research, everyone really wanted a phone with a detachable keyboard and hardboard a real desire to carry round a keyboard and a phone all the time. The phone still worked without the keyboard, as long as none of your texts or emails required letters from the alphabet.

2. SCP – 200

The SCP – 200 has no internet, no call timer, no external display, tiny buttons and a very very small screen. But thankfully they compensated by making the external speaker almost 45% of the surface area of the phone, ensuring you never even have to open this puppy.

3. The N-Gage

Designed to appeal to the ‘gamer’ crowd, the N-gage was a spectacular clunky silly machine. You also had to hold it on its edge which spawned the term ‘side talking’

4. Bang and Olufsen Serene

Designed as a high end fashion mobile phone, not only was the design ludicrous, but it matched its $1000 plus price tag, absolutely unimagined for its release date. Looking more like a security system than a mobile phone, this clamshell design missed the mark.

5. 80’s style mobile phone

There is nothing ‘mobile’ about this phone. It comes with impressive features like ‘generator’, ‘petrol power’ and ‘chiropractor bills from carrying 50kgs worth of phone’. This phone should be congratulate for being a step in the right direction for mobile directions, but should also be heritage listed, as like the Great Wall of China, it can be seen from space. It’s big.