New driving rules for mobile phones

780 drivers have been fined at least $298 in the first 11 days of new strict phone rules

780 drivers have been fined at least $298 and had three demerit points taken from their record in the first 11 days of new strict phone rules in New South Wales. Drew explains the new rules and how they affect every Australian.

The use of hand-held mobile phones has been illegal in states such as Victoria for a number of years and up until now, New South Wales laws have been very laxed on the issue. These new rules are intended to bring New South Wales laws up to standard.

Why is using your mobile dangerous?

Using your mobile phone while driving or even stationary (parked at the lights) is proven to:

  • slow your reactions
  • make you more likely to wander out of your lane
  • distract you, making you spend less time checking your surroundings
  • affect your decision making  

The new rules state that when your car is moving or stationary (not parked), you can only use the mobile phone for sending or receiving calls if it is stationed in a fixed mounted cradle or does not require you to touch it. All other functions including emails, texting, messages and video are prohibited.

To use the phone for GPS purposes, the phone needs to be in a fixed mounted location which does not distract you from the road.

A breach of the rules will attract a $298 fine and three demerit points or if the breach occurs in a school zone, the fine will rise to $397 and four demerit points.

On Sunday in the United States, NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski tweeted a photo from his car during the running of the Daytona 500. His car was stationary as another drivers crashed and his car had burst into flames (the driver was ok). While it was not against the NASCAR rules, he was fined a tidy $25,000

For more information read your state’s road rules regarding mobile phones below.

New South Wales


Western Australia


South Australia


Northern Territory

Australian Capital Territory


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    16th Nov 2012
    What about bus drivers using mobile phones with earpieces, or taxi drivers. I had problems with taxi drivers talking on mobile phones. I feel it is rude
    16th Nov 2012
    As long as the phone is in a cradle there is no law issues. It is of course very rude and poor customer service. From my recent experience, the drivers talking on phones didn't have fixed mounts although I have seen a few using ear pieces (one touch to take call) which are acceptable.
    16th Nov 2012
    I'm in NSW and I was fined for briefly answering my mobile phone while driving (I knew it was my elderly mother who I was late to visit but the police officer wasnt interested in that). And I lost three points and my license. That was in early 2011 so they've been fining people here for a while.
    16th Nov 2012
    So many people are still using their phones while driving i'm astonished.
    many young ones and elderly.
    Where are their brains/i'm surprised there are not more accidents
    17th Nov 2012
    My son is a cab driver & has to have a mobile with him to allow custoners to pay by visa credit/debit card so if anyone has a complaint about a cabbie think first before condenming is it necessary ? It woulld save my son a lot of money if he did not use his mobile at work. But his customers would not be happy because they would be forced top carry the cash to pay for their roide home.

    18th Nov 2012
    Using a mobile in your hand whilst driving is just plain - STUPID - folks texting for example - NO BRAIN - NO GAIN.

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