Nokia’s $99 smartphone

Launched on Thursday in India, the Nokia Asha 501 is a smartphone boasting 48 days of standby time which is expected to cost just $99 on the Australian market.

Nokia has been losing worldwide market share for the past eight years and the Asha 501 is the smartphone Nokia seems to have pinned the company’s future on.

Specifically designed for the Indian and Chinese markets, the price point of the Asha 501 will be a real game changer for the Australian marketplace. Unlike the $79 Asha 300 currently available in Australia, the Asha 501 comes standard with touch screen technology, in-built applications for social networks plus many more features, while providing the user with 48 days of standby time. Not bad when you compare its battery life to the Apple iPhone which can struggle to last a full day.

The Nokia Asha 501 is the perfect first smartphone or a quality upgrade for those using a two-years or older Android phone. Expected release date is June/July 2013.

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Written by Drew

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