Optus mistakenly releases private numbers

Telecom giant Optus has “made a mistake” and divulged the personal information of some of its customers to Sensis, which has printed them in the White Pages.

Between February and April of this year, Optus mistakenly released the information of an unknown amount of its ‘silent listings’ to Sensis. ‘Silent listings’ or ‘private numbers’ belong to people who wish to remain private and have specifically requested that their information is not divulged to other companies, to prevent telemarketing calls and maintain their privacy. The information has since been printed in the White Pages and was available online until Optus became aware of the problem in April and had the information removed from the White Pages website.

It is currently unknown the extent of private details which have been released, but several users of the Whirlpool.com forum have received letters in the last two weeks with an apology for the breach. Optus is offering affected customers a free number change, but users on Whirlpool are concerned about whether or not this will be enough, with some users raising concern over relocation costs.