Remote desktop on smart devices

Microsoft last week launched a free App for iPhone and Android devices which allows you full access to any linked Windows PC from anywhere in the world.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) isn’t a new feature, but very few people actually know about and use this feature to its full potential. Have you ever wanted a problem fixed and called a friend for help? Once granted access, the remote desktop feature allows your friend to take control of your computer from their own PC over the internet. Until now, remote desktop from a smart device was only available through privately created Apps with whom you generally don’t get a feeling of security. Microsoft is a name everyone can trust and feel secure and the price point, free, is one we can all live with.

Getting started is a little difficult for the less advanced computer user (even I had a bit of trouble). You need to start out by making sure RDP is enabled on your computer. You can do this by googling “How to turn on remote desktop in Windows (your Windows version here)” and follow the steps to turn it on. Once this has been enabled, you need to find out your computer’s IP address. Google “my IP address” and it should be shown as the first result by Google.

Now that you have all of the required information ready, download ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’ for free from the iTunes or Google Play store. Once installed, enter the details into the App and you are ready to go.

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