Review: Simple senior friendly phone

Drew reviews the newest senior friendly mobile phone on the market.

Review: Simple senior friendly phone

With the mobile phone industry continuing to advance and phones only becoming more difficult to understand and operate, it was refreshing to review the latest in senior friendly phone technology. Unlike a traditional phone, the OwnFone is individually customised for the owner in the ordering process, allowing for up to 11 different names and phone numbers to be programmed into the phone.

When ordering my OwnFone to review, I logged onto the website and within five minutes had filled in all the details required and had placed my order. The designing process allows you to choose between word buttons (the name of the contact) or image buttons (a photo of the person’s face). You can then select from either one, three, seven or 11 names and numbers to be programmed into the phone. During the design process you also get to choose from a few different colours and textures. Once the designing process is over, you simply enter the name and contact details of the numbers you wish to have programmed and you are done.

My OwnFone arrived within five business days of placing the order and came charged and programmed as ordered. Each OwnFone comes with a new mobile phone number which is printed on the back of the phone, just in case you forget it (very handy). The OwnFone is certainly a no thrills phone, providing just the very basic functions required. But if that is all you are after, the OwnFone ticked all my boxes for sound volume levels and quality, ease of calling and, most importantly, a long lasting battery life (up to three days).

Price: Between $69-$104
Plans: Prepaid plans starting from $2.50 per week ($30 for three months).
Postpaid plans start from $4.00 per week ($20 per month for 45 minutes of included calls - additional charged at $0.55 per minute). Most plans can be cancelled at any time.

To find out more about the OwnFone, visit

Additional comments:
If you are looking to change the contacts you have on your handset, you can  call the helpline to request a reconfiguration and reprint of your handset labels.
Charging the battery from empty to full takes around 1.5 hours and the life of the phone is three days without use. A fully charged phone switched to ‘Shutdown’ on the back of the phone will have sufficient charge to make a call if turned on one year later.
There is no voicemail service on offer.
The OwnFone is covered for a period of 12 months under warranty for breakdown and repair.
The OwnFone is only programmed to work in the country of issue. 


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    22nd May 2014
    do not get a telstra phone seniors cannot afford them.
    22nd May 2014
    HEAR! HEAR !!
    22nd May 2014
    People need to get with the programme and only have an unlocked phone then they can get cheap sim card only deals like mine that gives me $700 worth of talk and text to any phone in Australia plus $900 Vaya to Vaya and 2GB of data and all for only $17 a month.....THAT amount is my total monthly phone bill....
    22nd May 2014
    Sounds good to Me !! Now I will only have to give up 2 trips to the Doctor and add 3 Bucks !! What a Deal !! Ara Vaya ina der Phone Book ??
    22nd May 2014
    particolor just Google Vaya or type into your web browser.
    22nd May 2014
    Hmmmm I wonder why my previous comment was removed regarding these elcheapo VERY limited phones......
    22nd May 2014
    because wanting a Dial on Your Mobile Phone was linked to Maxwell Smarts Shoe !!
    22nd May 2014
    LOL :-D
    22nd May 2014
    This phone is only capable of storing 11 phone numbers WT...... and it has to be ordered that way.... I only barely get out of the A's on my Samsung Galaxy Y Duos with 11 contacts..... Give me an Android phone any day!!!
    22nd May 2014
    More info if possible please Penqueen1949
    22nd May 2014
    td just Google Vaya or
    23rd May 2014
    Hi Drew,
    I cannot decide whether to get a "no thrills" phone with "no frills" - or
    a "no frills" phone with "no thrills".
    Could not resist.
    23rd May 2014
    LOL :-D I really do think this featured phone is laughable and an insult to seniors.....
    23rd May 2014
    If it comes with a new phone number printed on the back, that means I can't use my current sim card and its number?
    23rd May 2014
    Yes this would be correct as you stated and no voice mail for missed calls either.....

    25th May 2014
    I have a Samsung phone which I purchased through Telstra. I put in $70 and it lasts me 12 months...I roll over the balance every year and I now have a couple of hundred dollars on there as I dont use the phone much at all..only for emergencies. Husband has same deal but he uses his phone a couple of times a week and also has a credit balance at end of year. Also they give each of us 100 free minutes as well. I am still using the free minutes and I put the $70 on each phone in December each year. Also have a home phone but rarely use that and wonder if I should get rid of it to be honest.

    I am with Westnet for my computer and pay $34.95 a month for 4 g peak and 4 g off peak. We have two computers and we never use the full amount.

    May look into a bundle deal some time. I understand we can get one for around $70 a month
    22nd Oct 2014
    AMAYSIM has the best deal of all for seniors and everyone else and no tariffs. In the last 18 months I have only spent about $150 total for their service because I only make about 6 calls a week.
    21st Jan 2015
    We have just moved to Piggabeen, NSW right on the Qld border. 15 min to Coolangatta - Tweed Heads.
    The only mobile service that works is Telstra or Boost. We cannot get internet through land line. Only those expensive wi-fi gadgets. Asked when this new beaut fast internet service will happen and told never. Unbelievable. I have to travel into my sons place or library, maybe McDonalds to use internet.
    Sharon S. Harvey
    18th Nov 2020
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