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YOURLifeChoices member Cathy is looking for a simple pre-paid mobile phone without any of the bells and whistles. Drew has found three mobiles that suit Cathy’s needs.



Hi Drew,


I would like to purchase a very simple mobile phone for emergency use, without bells and whistles. When I go into Telstra, Vodafone or Optus store I get very confused. Sales people are more interested in selling up market iPhone packages.


I would really appreciate suggestions. Thank you.





Hi Cathy, thanks for getting in contact.


There are a number of different phones available (all pre-paid) which don’t come with the bells & whistles.


I have suggested three phones below with the top two easily available for purchase in Australia while the third may be a little harder to locate. Your other option is to visit your local cash converters or similar second hand retailer and browse their selection of second hand mobile phones which may be suitable for your needs.

Oricom Ezy 100

DoroPhone Easy 616

Emporia Click

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    Some phones are locked into a specific Network and this does not give you the option to seek for other offers …….My Oricom is an ” Unlocked ” one and I can change sims if I want to …….the phone number also changes if you do this

    I am with Amaysim which is a pay as you go system and they render the bill monthly …….they do also have other systems and it would be worth while asking …….this network is part of Optus

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    I recently bought a Telstra Easyphone2. I didn’t want something with camera/internet connection/bells and whistles etc. This is simply a phone, to take and make calls and to send and receive text messages. It cost me $99 and I love it ! Not only is it extremely simple to set up and use, but it has extra large buttons, meaning that I don’t have to put on my reading glasses every time I use it. Worth every cent !

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    P.S It’s a prepaid phone, so I’m not locked into any contracts, and can use as much or as little as I want.

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    If you know someone in the UK ask them to send you one.

    Recently our Carphone Warehouse have been selling the Alcatel OT-217D ( which has DUAL SIM capability and is SIM FREE for £9.95 (less than $15).

    You should be able to get SIM only deals in Australia, I did the last time I visited Oz, and with dual sim you can have flexibility with your number and network. I believe around 85% of the world (but not the USA) uses the same frequency that Australia does.

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    Anything cheap and cheerful from any supplier as long as it’s unlocked I paid about $40 at an Optus outlet but only because I insisted that I didn’t want email, camera or any other stupid add on. Sometimes, depending where you go they will still try to sell you something you don’t want. Walk out, telling them you will go to Telstra or whoever it is you are not talking to right now.

    Once you have done that go for Amaysim prepaid. If you’re like us you will never use a tenth of the cheapest possible monthly plan. Amaysim let you start off with a ten dollar load which lasts for three months before expiring. reloads also start at ten dollars and all this is available all over the country at various stores.

    Hint: recharge at Wollies and your data lasts for double the time – so you get it for six months.

    Good luck

    PS. I ended up with a stupid camera fitted to mine because that’s the way the world runs these days but that’s the only extra I got.

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    Last year I bought an Ezy-Key from Dick Smith Electronics for $99-been very happy with it. I see now the price has dropped to $89. If you want a simple phone suitable for seniors this is well worth considering.

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    Once you have selected your unlocked phone I suggest you try Savvytel for prepaid calls of 10c per minute with no flag fall. My wife and I use prepaid with automatic $20.00 update. Lasts, I think, up to 90 days and allows us free calls to each other to a cap cost.

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    Thank you RichF for the tip about Woollies doubling the time. I am with Amaysim

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    I paid $79 for a Huawei G5000 (Wahway) mobile. Dropped SIM in, charged it up, and its brilliant. It has large keys, large display numbers, radio, torch and excellent emergency call feature. Beats the heck out of the Android I threw out in disgust. There’s no wiping, swiping, or other finger frustrations. It is VERY EASY to use. The hardest part was pronouncing the name!!! I use it with my bundled iiNet account for the princely sum of $10 a month.



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