Smartphone insurance

Smartphones are really just mini computers these days. Unlike computers, however, we shove them into our back pockets, lose them in our bags and drop them without worrying too much. They do, however, cost quite a bit to replace if you don’t have smartphone insurance.

Smartphones are really just mini computers these days. Unlike computers, however, we shove them into our back pockets, lose them in our bags and drop them without worrying too much. They do, however, cost quite a bit to replace if you don’t have smartphone insurance.

If you lose or break your smartphone while you’re still under a contract it can become a very expensive accident. Often you will be required to pay the rest of the contract out, which either means paying for a service you can’t access or buying another new phone. Most phone companies offer smartphone insurance for an additional fee per month, and we’ve looked at what you get for your money with three major Australian mobile phone service providers.

Optus Smart Insurance
Cost: $13.99 per month
Location: International

  • Theft
  • Accidental loss
  • Accidental damage
  • Electronic breakdown/failure
  • All accessories/car kits
  • Unauthorised calls

Repair excess: $100
Replacement excess: $250
Fine print: claims on iPhones made within the first three months will incur an additional excess of $100. For more information visit the Optus phone insurance website.

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    28th Oct 2011
    A friend of mine just last week had his car broken in to and the phone stolen the insurance compnay wanted proof of forced entry and would not accept thieves can break in to a car without any need to damage a lock etc...It was an older car with pop up buttons that packing tape can open or a slide rule will work..even though police report etc was filed they refuse to pay...go figure insurance???
    28th Oct 2011
    Having just bought a smartphone, I enquired about insurance with my insurer. Australian Pensioners Insurance (APIA) advised that I am already covered as there is up to $1,000 available for accidental loss, damage etc which would cover the phone, & then I just continue with my current plan on the new phone replacement. Very happy with that :)
    15th Apr 2012
    Thanks for that advice Tipi!!
    Just about to buy & was checking insurances.
    30th Oct 2011
    Got the Cow, was the car located ?
    My brother had his early model Commodore stolen from a Hotel Carpark. It was "thrashed along a beach - the underneath was clogged up with solid sand and big shells) I was located a few days later. They must have wrecked a wheel as they had forced the boot and put the spare on it. Funny part was they didn't take the chainsaw he had borrowed to cut down dead tree. They bashed the drive side rear door ---with wheel brace going by the dents right through metal---yanked the battery out---all the wiring was "pulled" but not taken. It had been serviced that week. They had driven it so hard that the oil and transmission fluid were black and thick. The Police and Insurance Company agreed that thieves had key that fitted as locks weren't forced and it hadn't been hotwired. He definitely had the keys in his pocket He hadn't left them in it. There had been back seat passengers as the booster seat had been moved -- obviously whoever took it didn't have kids as it was an expensive seat. The underneath of the body started rusting out within 3 weeks. The motor had no power above 75kph on open country road. If he tried to overtake a slow vehicle it just wouldn't gain speed. It was fill the oil and check the petrol not the other way as it should have been. The Insurance Co. had given the Crash Repair permission to make the car roadworthy for him to drive it as they were going to a country wedding. He hadn't bought the car thar long before, it had no rust in it. When he took the car back to the crash repair, the owner was on the phone, so he grabbed his scribble pad and biro, and wrote "when do you want a dead car back -- it has no power and body is rusting out."
    It so happened the guy was talking to his insurance company. They agreed to write if off--as usual though you never get what they are worth--they even argued what was standard accessoties and what was extra--manufacturer manual had to be checked--. A few months later he saw it, and there were big patches of rust in the doors, and the panels below had rust holes in them. When the car was stolen one of his biggest fears was that the chainsaw might be used for vanadalism as might his tools that were in it because he is a mechanic. There was screwdrivers, spanners, wrenches etc in it. There was one model Ford Falcon - we were told by a salesman they had discovered that if you hit the driver's door with your hand just below the lock it would unlock itself. The next car he bought he put a "kill"switch in it --well concealed-- if it was engaged the car would groan but not start.
    My house is with APIA and unlike many others, flood insurance is automatically included. My only whinge is that I have steel security screens on windows with extra thick wire - in the day time I can see out but nobody can see in -(my security doors are the same mesh) but because they are screwed on the inside and not key lock they are not accepted for premium reduction.The Fire Brigade don't really likje grilles that go from top to bottom as it takes too long with their equipment to get access in care of a fire. Insuarance Cos. recommend them too. My interior front door doesn't have deadlock but has a slip bolt as an extra lock I dont get that reduction either. If you have your hand on the doorframe as you are going inside and the wind slams it shut on your hand - it can "mash" your fingers. It happened to a child I know. She was rushed to hospital and straight into operating theatre. Hospital advised they had a few cases of it happening. Insurance Co. know about it but won't take that reasoning into consideration. No insurance Co. will. All valuables up to a certain value are included in basic insurance cover.

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