What works, what won't, if you get your phone wet

Here's how to deal with water damage - and soaking it in rice won't work.

Everything you need to know about voice recognition tech

Voice recognition technology is taking over, but is there anything to fear?

How Apple makes it impossible to get a cheap and easy phone repair

It may become harder to have phones and other devices repaired by third-party businesses.

Best grocery shopping apps

For those aiming to reduce their weekly grocery bill, there are many ways to save.

Smartphone symbols explained

This guide will help you determine the meaning of those confusing smartphone symbols.

Apps to help you feel happier if you’re struggling right now

These clever digital tools can send dark thoughts packing.

99 per cent of Australians are affected by nomophobia

Most of us are scared of being disconnected from technology which makes us anxious.

What to do before you sell or give away your devices

Upgrading your technology is great, but how do you protect your info on your old devices?

How to turn your smartphone into a dumb phone

Your phone is designed to take your attention at every opportunity.

Why printing out photos is so good for the soul

We take more yet print out fewer photos than ever.

Are you committing these battery-charging mistakes?

You may be killing your phone by committing these battery-charging mistakes.

FaceTime for beginners

Is there a better way to share a relaxed conversation with friends and family than FaceTime?

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