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Effortlessly digitise your film photos and keep on top of your New Year’s resolutions with YOURLifeChoices best free and paid apps of the month. 

Free app of the month:

Pic Scanner

Have you ever wanted to back up your old photo albums to your iPhone? This app makes it a breeze. Pic Scanner allows you to take pictures of old photo prints, and will then automatically crop them and save them to your device. You can take photos of up to four prints at once and digitise whole albums in no time. It’s a great way to keep your dearest photos and memories with you at all times, and you’ll be able to relax knowing you have a digital backup should anything happen to the originals.

Pic Scanner is available for free on iPhone and iPad.

Paid app of the month:


Lots of people bring in the New Year with a set of goals to reach, or bad habits to kick, but unfortunately not many manage to keep resolutions for very long, but this app may help you do just that. Strides enables you to keep track of your goals and habits and will help you to achieve your New Year’s resolutions, with custom reminders and well-designed charts and graphs. Whether you want to lose 10 kilos, spend more time reading, learn a second language or just take some time to relax each day, Strides will help you keep track and encourage you to keep your resolutions.

Strides is available for $4.99 on iPhone and iPad.

Watch the demo video below.  

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Written by ryanbo


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    I like the new topic – App of the Month. It is not always easy to find and work out what some of the Apps in the App Store are actually going to do, but but with your team doing the research it makes it easier to understand and decide if they are worth getting. Keep up the good work.

  2. 0

    surprise Surprise Surprise there are other phone out there like Android and windows Ryan i know you are a apple man but others of us have seen the light and use a good phone so open your eyes and include them

  3. 0

    What about android phones?

  4. 0

    Thanks Ryan just what I need. I have so many old photos and manually scanning them is slow. I have an iPhone and iPad mini so your help is great for me.

  5. 0

    A free app [with a paid version available] is Argus by Azumio. It will track & record your weight, calories, water and a heap of other things. I think it’s also available for android & windows

  6. 0

    Oh for heaven’s sake – over 70% of smartphone users have Android phones. If Ryan can’t broaden his interests, please find someone who can. Otherwise this tech feature is useless for the majority of your readers.

  7. 0

    Android/etc users….. the above is the APP of the MONTH and it just happens to be for iPhones only. Next month the APP of the MONTH maybe for Android/etc users ONLY or for ALL.

    OTDAVE, …. seen the light??!! Bit fanatic, aren’t you… no need to get aggressive about being an Android user. It is a preference thing, some people prefer Apple and I am one of those …. I even loaded Windows onto office iMacs (through VMware) to handle special business software that is not available as Apple software. This enabled me to use only Apple iMacs; iPads; & iPhones throughout my business. This proved a really good move because everything ran brilliantly, it was more secure and had less problems than when I was running window computers. Yes, my staff had to have some training but that was free and freely available from apple stores and it worked out really well.

    Re Android, I went with Apple because, although Google did a good job and did a marvellous thing by making the software freely available to the market….unfortunately, the phone makers imposed and adjusted Android as they pleased making them vulnerable and not as stable because (besides other money making things) they didn’t want to spend too much on vetting apps properly, etc.
    The Android operation factor is quite good these days and in some aspects may be better than Apple BUT I like the incredible service AND the security and lack of problems associated with Apple products. Better still, when you do have a problem, they offer brilliant service, (free) technical assessment and will swap the phone without any problems if in warranty. Additionally, when you buy a product, you get free training on any device, etc, etc.

    So, as I said it is a preference thing and everyone is entitled to have a preference aren’t they, AND as I said above, Ryan is simply pointing out the APP of the MONTH…. it is not his fault that it just happens to be for Apple users. As I said, next month it may be for ALL or just Android.

  8. 0

    Err… Ryan, mate, it’s App off the month NOT Apple App of the month.I know there are a lot of Apple snobs out there that pretend there are no other operating systems or hardware, but the sad fact is that Apple have under 20% of the market. At a guess, I think your readership on this site would have Apple users at much less than that.

  9. 0

    Err… Ryan, mate, it’s App off the month NOT Apple App of the month.I know there are a lot of Apple snobs out there that pretend there are no other operating systems or hardware, but the sad fact is that Apple have under 20% of the market. At a guess, I think your readership on this site would have Apple users at much less than that.



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