Apple Maps WARNING

Visitors navigating to the Victorian country town of Mildura using the default navigation program on the iPhone, Apple Maps, have been sent 70km away from their destination, into a National Park with no water supply and little-to-no phone reception.

While the Apple Maps team is aware of the issue and is working on correcting the error, it has yet to be fixed. This isn’t the first problem to occur with the new mapping system. Some major errors were reported in the first week of operation, including a restaurant which was located in a river, according to the software.

The Australian Federal Police has labelled the error as extremely dangerous after one person was stranded in the National Park for over 24-hours without food or water.

It will take at least a few months for Apple to find and fix all of the issues with the Apple Maps software. Until then, you can download the old mapping program called Google Maps which was finally uploaded to the App store yesterday! Please note that Google Maps is the fourth option in the App store when searching ‘Google Maps’

*As of Friday morning, Mildura is now displayed in the correct position on the Apple mapping program.