Comparing phone plans

Living solo can be more expensive than sharing living costs with a partner. Make sure you’re not being charged unnecessarily by comparing your phone plan and find out if you are getting the best deal possible.

Q: Is it possible for you to direct me to a site regarding use and cost of mobile phones so I can compare them? I have what was supposed to be a low-cost plan, but the cost-per-minute of making a call is exorbitant. I was not told about these charges when I signed up.

A: That sounds like a really sticky situation to be in, and I’m sure you’re not the first to find yourself paying unexpected fees, or not getting what you expected from your phone plan.

A fantastic service for comparing mobile phone plans is You can set your upper price limit, whether you want a one-or two-year contract or a prepaid service, and whether you use more calls, texts or data. Once you have filled in the parameters of the plan you are looking for, Whistle Out will bring up all mobile phone plans in Australia which fit the bill, allowing you to compare what’s on offer. Whistle Out also does comparisons on broadband, credit cards, home loans, life insurance, pay TV and more.

Another fantastic site is Phone Choice focuses solely on phones, both mobile and landline. They offer a mobile phone comparison service, as well as advice on problems with phone companies.

Have you had success comparing phone plans? Is there another site you use, or do you walk between phone shops looking for the best deal? Share your advice in the comments below.