Do I need a smartphone?

While you don’t strictly ‘need’ a smartphone, there are many reasons to buy one.

Put simply, the rapid change the mobile world has seen even in the last three years shows that these phones are the way of the future. Contracts and phone packages are being transformed to meet smartphones specifications, which means that if you purchase a new contract for your existing or non-smartphone, then chances are many of features which these contracts detail, and charge for, will go to waste. If you have a simple old phone (or ‘brick’ as it is known in jocular parlance) which can only dial in and out, then there is no need for you to be paying an extra $10 a month for a data allowance to surf the internet. But alas this is the bind many ‘non smartphone’ users find themselves in.

Another reason to buy a smartphone is because it is a very smart decision. If you still work at all, then a smartphone is a must. Without it, you are simply left behind. With the capacity to answer emails, dictate audio notes, hold video conferences one-on-one using Skype and the iPhone’s Facetime feature, coupled with the thousands of ‘apps’ designed to benefit business, you literally have a portable office in your pocket.

Smartphones also make keeping in contact with family and friends much easier. Thanks to the easy interface, the relative low price of many of the caps on offer, and the ability for you to use many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype, keeping in contact with loved ones has never been easier than with a smartphone, with a myriad of communication options literally at your fingertips.

And yes, smartphones can improve your quality of life. By streamlining your technology, allowing you to search the internet, socialise and download a number of amazing apps which are sure to cater to every one of your needs and interests, no matter how specific, it is not just a phone, it is a lifestyle change. But most of all, with games, music and internet all on one device, you are bound to have a lot of FUN on a smartphone.

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