Five best apps for easier travel

From an instant photo translator to an app which compresses webpages, saving you precious data, discover the five best apps to simplify your travel experience.

One: Sunscreen
To help you avoid a nasty sunburn, the Sunscreen app detects the UV rating in your current location. After you enter your skin type and SPF factor, it will also set reminder alarms for when you need to reapply your sunscreen.

Two: Opera Mini
One way to ensure your data bill won’t blow out is to download the Opera Mini app before you go away. It is a web browser for your phone which compresses webpages to as little as 10 per cent of their original size, which means you can access them more quickly at a fraction of the cost.

Three: Word Lens
Free for a limited time, this app is mind blowing – simply use Word Lens to instantly translate printed words in real time, using your built-in camera. Having trouble deciphering a menu in a foreign country? Can’t quite figure out a road sign? The app can translate to and from English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian and Portuguese instantly.

Four: Heyday
If you have trouble organizing all your pictures from vacation, or even remembering some of your favourite moments from the trip, Heyday is the app for you. This automatic journal keeps track of your locations and the photos you take along the way. Add a few of your written thoughts and Heyday automatically combines it all into an effortless journal that you’ll love viewing and sharing time and time again.

Five: Spotted by locals
Spotted by Locals is a series of mobile city guides with up-to-date insider tips by city-loving locals. You’ll get a comprehensive list of the best shops, restaurants, bars, points of interest and more which you would only be privy to if you lived in that city. Each guide can be downloaded for reading offline.