Five best free fitness apps

Keeping fit and healthy is made so much easier these days with the abundance of apps available. Amelia shares her top five apps to help you get fit and stay motivated.

1. Run Keeper

Not just for running. You can track anything, from walking, cycling and swimming, or rowing, skating and even wheelchair activities. It has a GPS feature so you can track your route on a map (and save it for next time and) it keeps records of the distance you’ve gone and the number of calories burned.  Once you’ve signed up it, you’re sent weekly alerts to motivate you to continue training. The app allows you to find friends nearby, and you can add music to your workout, set goals, compile a training plan and add an image which inspires you.

Available on iOS and Android

2. Seven

Seven uses interval training to help users get fit. This app gives you an instruction, such as Jumping Jacks, and then a thirty-second timer will count you down. You can work at your own pace and tailor your workout to your fitness level, choosing to focus on your upper body, lower body, core or full body. The app also comes with different ‘instructor’ voice-over selections, such as Drill Sergeant, Cheerleader, Kung-Fu Master and Hippie, to keep you going. There really is something for everyone. You can track your achievements and set yourself goals, such as breaking a habit.

Available on iOS

3. My Fitness Pal

This nifty app takes the stress out of calorie counting by counting them for you. The in-built barcode scanner allows you to search its database for more than 4 million foods to provide and innovative your weight loss program. You can also connect with other dieters and share your experiences.

Available on iOS, Android and Windows

4. Fitness Buddy

A workout app which contains over 400 exercises, with detailed descriptions, animations and a large range of workouts to suit everybody. You can commit to fitness goals, track your progress and weight, and maintain your motivation. It allows you to incorporate equipment, such as medicine balls and resistance bands, into your workout. You can also build your own workout routine and specifically target particular areas of your body.

Available on iOS

5. Instant Heart Rate

This heart rate monitor will measure your heart’s beats per minute, by asking you to place the tip of your finger over the phone’s camera lens. You can then catalogue the result with ‘tags’ such as #after coffee, #just woke up, #post workout, #tired.

Available on iOS and Android

Do you have a favourite fitness app? Will you share it with us?

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