Five more iPhone tips you need to know

Customise your vibrations, protect your privacy and more with part two of our iPhone tips and tricks. They’ll have you wondering how you ever used your iPhone without them!

Custom vibrations
If the standard vibration doesn’t get your attention, you can record longer and more noticeable vibration patterns. Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Custom > Create New Vibration. You can also modify text tones, reminders and more.

Take photos in bursts
Never have a photo ruined by someone blinking ever again! When taking photos in iOS 7, you can take a burst of photos by just holding down either the shutter button or the “Volume +” button in the Camera app.

Protect your privacy
This secret setting is letting Apple know where you are all the time, if this breach of privacy (or the loss of battery life) concerns you, you can turn it off. “Diagnostics & Usage” is located in Settings > Privacy > System Services.

Go back
Without a physical button to press, going back in the web browser or other apps can require extra effort. Simply swipe from left to right, starting at the edge of your iPhone screen, to go back to the last page you were on.

Reveal timestamps
iPhones have an annoying habit of not telling you exactly when a text message was received. You may not know that by dragging the message screen to the left, you can reveal the timestamps of a conversation.

Written by ryanbo