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The latest update to the Apple iPhone has seen the release of Apple’s very own mapping software which has replaced the previous version provided by Google. The public’s response has been damning of the software downgrade with glitches and errors causing chaos for some users with landmarks not listed or in the wrong location… including the MCG! Drew reviews three free mapping alternatives for your iPhone.

It will take some time before Apple is able to fix all of the errors in their coding and to add in missing pieces of the Australian landscape. So, with this in mind, I have looked into the best free alternatives.

Created by Sensis, Whereis provides voice guided turn-by-turn navigation across Australia. What makes this app interesting is the voices you can choose to navigate you. I prefer the voice of Jennifer Hawkins, but you can also choose to be navigated by Dame Edna Everage or The Wog Boy if you so wish. Due to the software being integrated with Sensis data, there is a lot of information about places around you which is the standout feature of the app.
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A solid map navigation program which launched late last year. The app is a little light on information and the search function is hard to use at times, but the navigation works extremely well and gets you to your destination with easy to follow illustrated maps.
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Internet – Google Maps
Google were blindsided by the move by Apple to remove their mapping software from the iPhone. This has meant that Google do not have an app available and it is rumoured that Google are still a few months away. In the mean time, you can still use the Google Maps software by opening up Safari and navigating to

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