Free smartphone antivirus app

Did you know that your smartphone can get viruses and that any information you type in or look at may not be secure? Protect yourself with a free smartphone virus protector.

AVG offers a number of smartphone virus protection options, both free and paid. These free versions are a great way to try virus protection for your smartphone and they are available in a number of forms.

iPhone and iPad
AVG Safe Browser is a browser app which only lets you visit secure sites. You can control which sites are allowed access to your data and it helps you to avoid scams, fraud, phishing, malicious content and data misuse. You can download it at the App Store for free, or visit the AVG Safe Browser webpage for more details. 

AVG Antivirus Free for Android has two main functions. It helps to protect you against viruses and dangerous software and it also helps to protect your phone from theft. You can locate your missing phone on a map (especially handy for phones left at friends’ houses) and, if you can’t retrieve the phone and are concerned, you can even wipe all the data on it remotely. To find out more take a look at the AVG Antivirus Free for Android webpage. 

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