How to use Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search and S Finder are convenient tools that allow you search both your device and the internet. They are great for finding addresses and dates that you have forgotten or misplaced.

iPhone and iPad

To access Spotlight Search, unlock your iPhone or iPad and go to the Home Screen, which is the screen where you can see all your apps. The Home Screen can be accessed by pressing the button underneath the screen. Then place your finger on the centre of the screen and swipe downwards. Doing this will open up the Spotlight Search field; now all you have to do is perform your search. If you want, you can tap the little microphone icon and dictate the search term to your device. 

Spotlight will now thoroughly search your iPhone or iPad for the term you entered, including your messages, emails, contacts, internet history and more. It will also search the internet for the term, so you should be able to find what you’re looking for. 

If you don’t want Spotlight Search to be able to access your Messages app, or any other app, then open up the Settings app and tap General > Spotlight Search and deselect the apps. 

Samsung Galaxy

To access S Finder, swipe down from the top of your device’s screen to open the Notification Tray. Now tap the S Finder button and enter in your search term. Your device will now look for that search term everywhere in your phone.

Once you’ve searched for something, you can narrow your search by categories, date or even certain locations.  To do this, use the circular icons located underneath the search bar. If S Finder couldn’t find items that match your search term, you can scroll down to search Google for it.

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