Jetlagged? There’s an app for that.

Most people love to travel the world and explore other countries. Sadly, in doing so it is hard to avoid the inevitable jetlag that results from crossing time zones and getting out of sync with your body clock.

While researchers know that the key to curing jetlag is exposure to light, advice varies greatly when it comes to the best time, length and type of this exposure. That was until mathematicians at the University of Michigan developed a model to test all these theories and determine exactly which routines and behaviours can help people overcome jetlag. The result? An app called Entrain.

Based on the model, the Entrain app was developed to help users work out when these periods of light and dark should occur. So how does it work? Users of Entrain enter their normal sleeping patterns into the app as well as where they are travelling and the type of light they’ll be exposed too. Entrain then creates a light exposure schedule for them to follow which is regularly updated.

While currently it can take seven to 13 days or more for your body clock to sync up after jetlag, Entrain claims to help you sleep properly within just two days and be fully recovered within four. I guess maths is useful for something after all!

What are your tips for curing jetlag? Will you download Entrain and test it out?

Written by SJ