Simplify your Android smartphone

A new, free app for Android smartphones is making devices all around the world easier to use for those who want their phone simplified.

Launched in May 2014, Wiser – Simple Launcher is a free Android app which replaces the regular Android interface with a straightforward and easy to navigate alternative. Downloading and installing Wiser – Simple Launcher, will replace your regular Android home screen with six icons, showing ‘Contacts’, ‘Dialer’, ‘Messaging’, ‘Camera’, ‘Gallery’ and ‘Applications’.

The basic setup is suitable for users of any age or technological capability and, if you so desire, is further customiseable by simply swiping to another page, similar to the easy-to-use nature of iPhones.

You can visit Wiser’s website here or if you already have an Android phone, you can get the app here

Do you wish your smartphone was simpler to use? Would you consider downloading, this, or a similar, app?