Top 5 Android Market apps

Google Voice

It would not be a ridiculous presumption to guess that listening to the cold robotic drone of the message service is not the favourite part of most people’s day. Well, thanks to Google Voice, you will never have to hear a voice message again. Google Voice automatically generates a transcript of the message left in your voicemail and sends it instantly to your email address. You can then scroll through your messages visually, akin to an email inbox.

Talk to Me

A very impressive app which is essentially a recording application with a twist. This application is a must for anyone who likes to travel. For the true brilliance of this app, simply hold up your phone, speak into it in your native tongue and it will translate back to you in your choice of over 40 languages (In most cases it will speak the translation back to you). Very simple to use, and a must for overseas travellers wishing to immerse themselves in overseas culture or who just want to get out of a bind!

Google Listen

Another great Google app, but seeing as it is the ‘Google Android’ market it is no surprise Google has created some dynamite applications for people running the Google system on their phone. For people who love to listen to the radio but don’t have the time, Google Listen is a saviour. Say you missed this mornings ABC broadcast, or your favourite podcast, then you simply search for it in Google Listen and stream it immediately from the source. It is ‘on the go’ entertainment, at any time. Better still, it effectively eliminates the need to actually download podcasts or plug your smartphone into the computer every time you wish to listen to new broadcasts. You can also subscribe to shows, so you never miss an episode.

Google Finance

If you have a fleeting interest or one eye on your stock portfolio 24/7, there is no better way to keep track of your investments than with Google Finance. Offering customised, real time quotes, the app delves into the financial markets around the world to keep you informed of all the latest market leanings and delivers stock quotes, tips, charts and financial news right into your hand.


With every iPhone’s ringtone sounding the same, and the selection of ringtones on the HTC not sounding much better, this app allows you to change and customise your favourite songs to personalise your phone by turning them into ringtones.