Which smartphone are you?

While a flood of new phones are being brought onto the market, as usual it is important to stick with the most popular and reviewed most favourably. These are the phones made by Blackberry, HTC and the iPhone, of course made by Apple. With so many seemingly applicable options to choose from, it can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting a smartphone from those available. However, YOURLifeChoices has broken it down for you so you can finally decide which smartphone you actually are!

iPhone 4image

The most popular smartphone on the market, Apple’s iPhone has the smartphone market cornered. In fact, someone at Apple’s marketing department needs a raise, or another private island, because they have somehow (through tricks such as new phone releases every year with small modifications, great brand recognition and staggering releases to stores creating a ‘VIP’ like status for those holding new iPhones) managed to convince all of us that we need a new iPhone every two years.

The fact that every new iPhone release garners more media and public attention than three moon landings is, unbelievably, somewhat justified. It is a remarkable piece of machinery, and has stood the test of time, remaining in the popular consciousness for the best part of three years.

After revolutionising mobile phones with the initial version of the iPhone, Apple has tried to perfect its offering with the iPhone 4. This version of the iPhone looks better, feels better and is generally a much sleeker version of previous iPhones.

One of the new features which will have you considering purchasing the iPhone is a significant leap in camera quality from its predecessor. The now 5 mega-pixel video and still camera (with flash and touch focus) means that you have a decent digital camera on you 24 hours a day, so you will never miss out on documenting precious memories.

Another key feature of this iPhone is of course ‘Facetime’. For those unfamiliar with what Facetime is, it means that for the first time ever on an iPhone platform, thanks to a dual camera built into the phone you can video call people for face to face phone calls.

Apple is a major player in the smartphone game and very good at what they do. If you are looking to buy a smartphone which is user friendly, very easy to get to know, has a large system of support and has a trusted name, then the iPhone is most definitely the way to go. However, if you find plans with the iPhone 4 too costly, then going with the iPhone 3 or the 3GS is just as good. Remember, while Apple releases new phones every year, they are just improvements on what was already a pretty remarkable original model.

HTC Desireimage

For so long, the smartphone market was dominated by two rigidly defined sides, the Blackberry and iPhone. Earlier this year, along came the smartphones equivalent to the Greens taking Melbourne in this year’s election. The HTC Desire, run on the Google Android platform, did so by creating a ‘best of both worlds’ phone with whip smart design and a magnificent operating system.

At its launch, some labelled it an ‘iPhone killer’ due to it being superior in many ways. Yet thanks to the iPhone being much more recognisable, having a stranglehold on the consumer base and popular culture and generally being considered (rightly or wrongly) easier to use, it was acknowledged that it will never sell as many units.

The HTC desire is exceptionally designed, and its LED screen provides graphics which would make some computers blush. It has a huge range of pre-installed software, meaning that you can get started almost straight away, and many ‘widgets’ which enable you to streamline your homescreen.

These widgets do take some getting used to, but eventually make using the phone a breeze. For example one such widget controls wireless settings, backlight settings and many more controls which would usually have to be found under endless page openings in a ‘settings’ menu. The ‘Friendstream’ widget allows you to have all your social networking alerts, such as Facebook and Twitter, in one constant stream, meaning you won’t have to open them all up and waste data and battery power. And the super cool ‘Friends’ Widget has a collage of your friends’ pictures. When you tap a picture of your friend, it dials out to them!

The phone has a super fast web-browser, passable battery life and is again, very easy to use. If you are ready to upgrade into the next generation of mobile phones, then the HTC Desire is for you.

Blackberry Curve 3Gimage
There are literally a dozen Blackberrys on the market. Some are well received; some are perceived as dramatic failures. But the Blackberry Curve 3G, released almost two months ago was received to critical acclaim. It was considered by industry insiders just as good a phone as the iPhone 4, and almost as good as the HTC Desire.

In fact, you will notice that almost every phone on this list has been well received, is almost as good as the other and has numerous positives to consider when making the decision to buy a smartphone. This is no accident, these companies have been competing for years, the technology available has never been better, and there has never been more demand for smartphones. Every company is pretty much at the top of their game, so it all comes down to personal choice.

One of the biggest draws for the Blackberry is the relative ease of typing messages and emails. It contains a full QWERTY keyboard, with Shift, CTRL and Alt keys and according to hardcore users, makes typing messages a breeze.

It is no surprise that Blackberry, despite all the fanfare behind Apple, leads the market in selling smartphones. This is because it has cornered the business market. It sells a no frills, clever phone which is sleek to use and fits easily in your pocket. Most importantly, the Blackberry is the best reviewed phone for sound quality during actual phone calls, both speakerphone and handset, a fact often glossed over when looking at its feature packed counter-parts.

It does of course have a few downsides. The screen is small, resulting in a limited browsing capacity, and streamed video is almost unwatchable. Also, it has a limited app store, so you and your phone will have a very businesslike relationship, aside from social networking, email and web browsing.

While the technologically elite scoff at the ‘archaic’ blackberry with its small screen and its real keyboard, many users wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are looking for a simple phone to surf the internet, answer email, but not do anything to flashy, then a Blackberry is the way to go.