You can’t live without these apps

We asked around the YourLifeChoices office to find out which smartphone apps were used the most frequently.

By a significant margin, weather apps were the most popular. This might be due to our office’s location in Melbourne, meaning that if you don’t check the forecast frequently you will be caught out in unpredictable weather. My favourite feature of weather apps is the Bureau of Meteorology’s (BOM) rain radar. Did you know BOM has a free app? That way you can watch the storms roll in from anywhere on your iOS (iPhone and iPad) or Android device. Other popular weather apps include Pocket Weather (iOS $2.99 | Android $1.99) and Weatherzone (iOS | Android).

After all, keeping in touch with people is what phones are made for, isn’t it…? Facebook Messenger (iOS | Android) and WhatsApp Messenger (iOS | Android) are the most popular communication app choices. While both are free, you may find that more of your friends and family are on Facebook, but WhatsApp is a much better app, especially for keeping in touch with travellers.

Music streaming
Music takes the third place, with Apple Music (iOS | Android) and Spotify (iOS | Android) being the most popular options. Apple Music boasts a slightly larger library (although both have over 30 million songs), while Spotify’s app is more streamlined. Which do you prefer?

Social media
While some of us probably wish we spent a bit less time on social media, it is a go-to app on our devices. Facebook (iOS | Android) was the most popular, followed by Instagram (iOS | Android) and Twitter (iOS | Android) – each one appeals to a different type of person. Which one(s) do you use?

How do our smartphone app essentials compare to yours? Why not post the apps you use the most in the comments below?

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