Top five apps to keep you safe

These five apps will help you to get out of sticky situations, save lives, find your keys in the dark and remember your medications.

App: Circleof6
Platform: iPhone and Android
Circleof6 is a great app to help you out of a sticky situation. It allows you to select six of your friends as your ‘circle of six’. Using the app you can then send a message such as ‘I need a safe way to get home. Come and get me.’ which will automatically include a map of your location with just the press of a button. Your other options are to send a message asking for a phone call to interrupt an awkward situation, or to call emergency services (which only works in the USA, but the other two options are pretty handy). It has a pretty purple interface, so it doesn’t look like you are calling for help, which can help to stop a situation from escalating. It is especially good for those concerned about meeting potential partners through internet dating.

App: Attack Alarm SMS
Cost: Free
Platform: iPhone
After trying a number of ‘alarm’ apps this seems like the best of a bad bunch. None of the alarms are ideal as they will not override your iPhone sound settings – if your phone is on silent they will not play and the alarm is only as loud as your current volume settings. Not ideal if you are being attacked. On the plus side, this app will also send an SMS with your location to three pre-programmed numbers if you do hit the alarm button.

App: Flashlight
Cost: Free
Platform: iPhone and Android
This handy app turns your phone into a torch, by cranking the camera flash up to full and leaving it on. It only works if your phone has a camera flash, of course, but using the app you can turn the light on and off or change it to a strobe function. The light is quite bright, perfect for finding your keys in the dark. Be aware though, this will drain your battery if you leave it on.

App: First Aid
Cost: $4.49
Platform: iPhone, Google, Android
This first aid app has been created by St John’s Ambulance for an Australian audience. It contains step-by-step instructions on how to deal with most emergency situations; from cuts and bruises, to unconsciousness, to bites and stings. This app is very handy to have, both to use around the home and in case you end up in an emergency situation. Downloading it to your phone could save somebody’s life.

App: Pillboxie
Cost: $0.99
Platform: iPhone, iPad
This medication reminder app is both powerful and simple to use. Simply choose your medication, set your dose schedule and let your phone tell you when you have to take your next lot of pills. 

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