Upgrading your smartphone

Still stuck with your iPhone 4 and envious of your friends who own the iPhone 5? Drew explains how you may be entitled to a free upgrade!

So you’re stuck on a 24-month contract with your mobile provider? You certainly aren’t the only one! There are a few ways to go about getting that brand new iPhone 5. Depending on your mobile provider, some are more desperate than others to lock you into a new 24-month contract (anyone but Telstra) and if you are already 12 months or more into your contract, it is worth calling up customer service to see if they are willing to upgrade your plan to the new iPhone 5 on a new 24-month contract. One of my friends who was 13 months into a contract withVodafonerecently went through this process successfully

If you are with a provider which isn’t interested in giving you a free upgrade, the next best option is for you to pay an additional fee. This fee varies from provider to provider but should be in the range of $200.

The final option (which all depends on your contract) is to sell your current phone on eBay and to pay out the rest of your contract (this fee varies, but you may need to pay an additional $100-$150 on top of the money raised from the sale of your iPhone 4). The benefit of this approach is that if you are currently contracted to a network and are receiving poor phone and internet services, you are able to switch providers.