Vodafone $5 a day roaming plan

Vodafone is giving its customers the ability to use their local plan overseas.

Vodafone $5 a day roaming plan

Vodafone has taken action to secure its place in the telecommunication industry by announcing radical changes which should see global roaming charges significantly decrease over the coming years.

In a bid to gain back customers, Vodafone has announced that their new mobile plans, released this month, will allow customers to pay $5 a day while in the US, UK or New Zealand to use their current plans calls, texts and data. Vodafone has further plans to expand the offer to more countries around the globe in the future.

While it will still be less expensive to purchase a local sim card at your destination, many travellers do prefer to be able to use their current mobile number while overseas and Vodafone is providing Australians with an affordable plan to make this achievable.

Do you travel often? Would this new Vodafone plan be the incentive you need to make the switch between telcos?

For more information visit blog.vodafone.com.au.


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    14th Aug 2013
    It's a great improvement, but until their coverage is adequate where I live and travel within Australia I won't be switching back to them.
    Actual Cat
    14th Aug 2013
    Drew, thanks for the topic. I am very unsure of what to do and here is my problem if you can help please. I am going to India for 3 weeks in Sept and would like my family to be able to contact me in the case of emergency (highly unlikely, one would hope). So, for incoming calls/texts only, what should I do? My son said to buy a simcard while there. I have a Telstra plan and use a very old Samsung.
    Any advice is appreciated.
    15th Aug 2013
    As long as you are not making any calls and you have roaming DATA (internet) turned off, you shouldn't be charged anything extra. While I couldn't find any information, it may be worth asking Telstra if India is one of the countries which charges for a call being received. I would only buy a local simcard if you are planning on making a number of calls during your visit.
    15th Aug 2013
    Get yourself a SIM card in the country you arrive at -- cheap too - to use on your other old phone with all the contacts still in it-- cheers
    Actual Cat
    15th Aug 2013
    Thans Drew n Jenkos - will follow your advice.

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