Data breaches leak 1.9 billion email accounts

New research reveals 1.9 billion email account details are available for purchase online.

1.9 billion email accounts for sale

Google conducted a one-year study of black-market forums and identified 788,000 victims of keyloggers, 12.4 million potential victims of phishing kits, and 1.9 billion usernames and passwords exposed via data breaches.

These black-market forums allow users to buy and sell this information, usually through the exchange of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

The study revealed that a massive 25 per cent of exposed passwords matched users’ account information and allowed any potential attacker to take over users’ identities. With 15 per cent of users having already reported experiencing an email or social network breach at some point, it’s more important now than ever before to use secure and unique passwords for different websites.

Google used the results of the study to ramp up security measures on 67 million of its accounts. The results also led Google to recommend every user implement two-factor authentication where available and carry out a regular password audit.

Are you worried about your data falling into the wrong hands? Have you already been the victim of a data breach?



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    21st Nov 2017
    Try remembering a dozen or more different passwords and which accounts they belong to. Nuts!
    21st Nov 2017
    Oh yes MICK and then I don't write it down fully and leave myself cryptic clues in case I have physical house theft. Go back after awhile and then try and interpret my clue ....ugh.
    However I can just click "forgot my password" and its all fixed. So where is the weakest link? Its the ease of my ability to reset it.
    Luckily the financial institutions and government departments have a few more checks before you can get a new password.
    21st Nov 2017
    Mick, there are many password keepers available, some for free, that store all of your passwords and logins encrypted, and you then only have to remember ONE master password to access the password keeper and you can have as many, varied and complicated passwords as you desire and you don't have to try and remember them all. This can be stored on your computer, on your phone or even on a USB stick if you like and this solves the problem of trying to remember lots of different passwords. The one I use is called KeePass and is a free program.
    A word of caution however ..... what ever you do don't forget the MASTER PASSWORD as there is no way to retrieve the data without that! I would also recommend backing up the data regularly and also storing it on more than one device so you will always be able to retrieve it!
    21st Nov 2017
    Thanks, GreyViper. Where does one obtain "KeePass"?
    21st Nov 2017
    When they hack into KeePass you'll have problems.

    21st Nov 2017
    Wow, it's scary. But nowadays one needs to be Einstein to remember all necessary passwords (if each is different).
    Bill R
    21st Nov 2017
    One simple, strong password is to use a favourite line from a poem or book.
    21st Nov 2017
    Someone hacked into my email account and was sending out spam from my account. I was also getting spam from email addresses who I had emails to and from, and I know that those people wouldn't be sending out spam, so their accounts were hacked too. I just changed my password and had no problems since.

    Someone hacked the personal information stored of every student at my former university, I still get disgusting messages into my junk email from that university email account. Really foul obscene stuff.
    7th Jan 2020
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