Safety Online

Spam Report!

The producers of the popular Norton anti-virus software, Symantec, have released their Asia Pacific

Hotel key cards – security risk!

What is stored on a hotel key card? After sleuthing the internet and making some enquiries, the

Cyber Security Tip

When discarding of a computer, it is important to realise that your personal details and documents

Wireless Security

Do you have security on your wireless internet? It takes only a couple of minutes to set up,

Australian Taxation Office Refund Scam Email

The latest scam email to make the rounds is from: Australian Taxation Office [[email protected]] and

Shoulder surfing and dumpster diving

What is Identity Theft? Identity theft can be a lucrative business for those responsible, making

Scam Alert

YOURLifeChoices has noticed over the past month that spam and scams via email have increased. Do

Spam and Scam

Knowing what to open and what to do delete can save you alot of doom and gloom. YOURLifeChoices subscriber,

Hoax Pension email

AboutSeniors have been swamped in recent weeks with members asking if the email they received about

Scam awards

The sheer stupidity of internet and financial scams would be laughable - if they weren't so

Conficker virus – fools no one!

The potential online doomsday of April 1 fizzled with the Conficker virus failing to have any

PC Virus – No April Fool

A computer worm named "Conflicker" has been infecting machines worldwide over the past months and

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