Australians being caught out by fake parcel delivery scams

Fake parcel delivery scams are catching many Australians off guard.

Australians being caught out by fake parcel delivery scams

Australians who are waiting for online Christmas shopping deliveries are being warned of fake parcel delivery scams that are catching many eager mail recipients off guard.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is reporting higher than usual accounts of scammers using this Christmas parcel con to fleece unsuspecting Australians of their personal information and bank details.

The fake parcel delivery scam is particularly effective at this time of year because many Australians have ordered products online in late November, early December, and are awaiting delivery of their goods prior to Christmas.

"Scammers typically send emails pretending to be from Australia Post or FedEx, to try and trick you into believing you have an 'undeliverable package'," said ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard. "In some cases, these emails may include your name and address and include legitimate-looking company information, complete with fake logos."

The scammers may threaten to charge a penalty for having to keep parcels in storage. The email will usually contain a downloadable delivery notice, which contains a ransomware virus that will lock you out of your computer.

Scammers will then demand a ransom, sent via wire transfer or by bitcoin transaction, to unlock your files. And if that isn’t nasty enough, the payment of ransom won’t even guarantee that the scammers will unlock your computer.

"Australia Post will never call you out of the blue to request payment or send you an email asking you to click on an attachment," Ms Rickard said.

"If you receive an email about an undeliverable package, don't open any attachments or download files, delete it straight away."

Over 57 per cent of Australians are buying Christmas gifts online this year, around 14 per cent of whom are baby boomers.

Australians are being urged to never click on attachments from emails that are suspicious or of unknown origin, and advised that Australia Post will put a notice in your letterbox if a package is undeliverable.

For more information about this and other scams, head to the Scamwatch website.



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    14th Dec 2016
    I had one supposedly from FedEx yesterday.

    14th Dec 2016
    ANY unsolicited mail does NOT have to be paid for - not even the delivery charges - nor does it have to be returned if correctly addressed.
    14th Dec 2016
    Buggered if I know why people are so stupid these days.

    Australia Post, FedEx, DHL, etc DO NOT have your email address, only your street address to deliver the parcel. Where would they get it from? Why don't people think for once in their lives. For so many people, logic just goes out the window. If they can't (or wont) deliver, they leave a card, and make you jump thru hoops to get your parcel.

    I am forever having to explain simple things to people. When I ask them how such and such happens, they don't know, and then, aftaethe penny drops. But we go back to square one when they hear or read about the next bit of inane rubbish. And sadly, it is mostly older people that spread this rubbish around at the Bowls Club, U3A, etc etc. That is one reason I stay right away from anywhere that older people congregate. It just drives me insane.
    Star Trekker
    14th Dec 2016
    If you have MyPost, Australia Post does have your email address. I regularly get updates on parcels. But all mine go to a PO Box so no troubles there.
    14th Dec 2016
    I have a MyPost card as well.

    AP have never sent me an email about a parcel, unless it has tracking, and I have ticked the box on the tracking page, for them to email me updates on the movement of the parcel.

    AP handles millions of parcels every year, and it is contractors who deliver them. Those contractors do not have access to any of your private information on MyPost, as you would hope of course.

    There is no way on earth someone could check every parcel and see if the address matched someone on MyPost. One of my friends owns several AP Parcel delivery contracts, so I know how it all works.
    14th Dec 2016
    I knew it was a scam.. just sayin' - and yes AUST Post has my email address also for notification of deliveries and mail
    15th Dec 2016
    You're so right Johninmelb , I wouldn't hang around with old people either or even join a club with people like me in it.
    Robert Henry
    27th Mar 2018
    You haven't mentioned, to my knowledge, the email from The Department of Human Services Your qualification for the 2018 subsidy benefit. All very professionally done and would trick some I'm sure. The scam from Australia Post I was receiving regularly and I knew I didn't have any mail or parcels. Then they were going to charge me interest for keeping the parcels. Reputable Australian Companies won't contact you cold like this and if you receive notification ring up the Organization and check.

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