Credit report scam

It is common knowledge that you shouldn’t click links in unsolicited emails, but many Australians interests have been piqued by the latest scam offering a free credit report.

One of the latest scams going around is offering Australians a free download of their personal credit report by simply filling out a form and providing personal details to the scammers via email. This information is then used to steal money from the person’s bank accounts, forge identification cards to steal that person’s identity and to apply for credit cards and loans-resulting in massive debts for the victim.

Be suspicious of any and every email you receive. Even if the email came from a close friend or family member, there is always a chance that their email address has been compromised. So be careful before clicking any link or providing personal information, especially bank or credit card details.  

For those prompted into finding out more about their credit rating, credit reports are generally required to be given free of charge. Visit

Written by Drew

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