Facebook data breach affects 50 million accounts

Alleged data breach affecting 50 million people the largest in Facebook’s history.

Facebook data breach hits millions

The largest data breach in Facebook’s history has seen over 50 million people’s profiles harvested for data, The Guardian reported at the weekend.

Facebook has confirmed it is facing questions from the US Federal Trade Commission over the role of the data in the US 2016 election.

British data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica is at the centre of the scandal, ex-employee and whistleblower Christopher Wylie revealed that Cambridge Analytica captured the data through a research app used by psychologists called “thisisyourdigitallife”.

Mr Wylie alleges that the breach occurred when 270,000 Facebook users signed up and were paid to take personality tests. The app not only collected information of the user that signed up to the tests, but also the personal information of that user’s Facebook friends, whose privacy settings were set to allow sharing with a friend’s app.

Cambridge Analytica denied any wrongdoing, claiming it fully complied with Facebook’s terms of service. Facebook has suspended Cambridge Analytica and several individuals from its site while it investigates the claims.

In two days, US$40 billion has been wiped from Facebook’s market value.

What do you think? Are you concerned about your Facebook privacy? Does such an alleged breach dent your trust in the social network?



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    21st Mar 2018
    What do I think? Don't trust large corporations - ANY of them.
    billy boy
    21st Mar 2018
    i'd say, google, does much worse, but if you're not in their clubs, you'll never know,
    21st Mar 2018
    I have read the article several times and still don't understand the problem, does it mean that someone I am friends with on Facebook has signed up to take part in a paid test and through that they have been able to access my information, would that also mean that if non of my friends have signed up for these test my information isn't compromised, or have I completely misunderstood the article?
    21st Mar 2018
    I think you have got it right.

    There's an app called “thisisyourdigitallife”, through this users signed up to do a personality test. Now if any of these people who did the test had friends on Facebook the personal data of those friends was also obtained, however, those friends had to turn on sharing in their privacy settings. These settings may default to on, I don't know, not really concerned about all this security of information on social media. I only use part of my real name and the rest is false info.

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