Facebook video scams

There has been a surge of unusual video links on Facebook recently and as you may have guessed, these odd links are yet another scam. This scam is spreading through Facebook by asking victims to share the video, and then promising an exciting video after sharing it. However it rarely ends there, after sharing you will be asked to complete a survey, or share another video, rarely will the video you were looking for ever exist.

It’s not easy to tell if a shared video is real or not, the first indicator that it may be fake is the title of the video. One that has been circulating recently is titled “Video of Malaysia MH370 Plane found in Bermuda Triangle! Passengers alive!” other topics range from celebrity gossip to shocking new animal discoveries. If a video sounds like this, be wary of clicking on it, especially if the title starts with “SHOCKING VIDEO”.

However, if you do click on one of these videos, don’t panic, it’s easy to avoid the scam. After clicking on the video, rather than it playing on Facebook as it normally would, the scam will send you to another page which will then ask you to share the video, install a Facebook app or complete a survey. If this happens, close the window you have open immediately and do not click on anything that page has to offer. If you don’t exit immediately you may find your own Facebook account promoting these scams without your knowledge or even worse you may end up with a virus.

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Written by ryanbo