Identity theft and fraud

IDcare is a new charity which aims to help victims of identity theft find their footing.

Identity theft and fraud

Identity theft and fraud is a crime which affects one million people in Australia and New Zealand each year.

With 15 years of experience in federal law enforcement and national security, Dr David Lacey is now leading research into the prevention and effects of ID theft.

Based at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), Lacey is launching IDcare, a not-for-profit charity which will assist victims of identity crime and, in turn aid the research he is undertaking.

“We want to unlock what has largely been a silent crime and I’m excited about the possibilities for teaching and research,” said Dr Lacey, who is now a full-time Senior Research Fellow at USC.

“Identity theft is a perfect example of where crime and mental health consequences intersect. A significant portion of victims suffer more than financial losses, often displaying signs of anxiety, even depression.”

You can visit IDcare’s website here.

Some of our previous articles can help you stay safe online, so hopefully you’ll never need to contact IDcare.

Have you ever been or do you know anyone who has been a victim of identity theft? 


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    2nd Sep 2014
    I sometimes think that having somebody steal my identity might work. That way I could get a life.
    But seriously, one does have to worry about the likelihood of identity fraud given that every two bit Indian Call Centre has your name, birth date, place of residence and phone details. So what else does one need other than occasionally a bill of some sort? And then your card details can also be skimmed by a passer by these days.
    7th Jan 2019
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