Identity Theft

Targeted advertising explained

Do you ever see ads online that seem to be specifically targeting you? Learn why this happens.

Former PM Abbott hacked

Have you ever pasted pics of your boarding pass online? Here's why you shouldn't.

Don’t be phish food

Data is the new oil, and online platforms will siphon it off at any opportunity.

Lock out the scammers

What you must do to prevent identity theft and stay safe online.

Avoid credit card fraud

In the eyes of scammers and thieves, credit cards are the holy grail. Here's what you should know

Retirement savings under attack

The complexity of Australia's super system could provide fertile ground for hackers to steal your

What’s at risk in hospital hackings?

New research uncovers the specific data leaked through hospital breaches.

How criminals steal your identity

Scams involving identity theft have cost Australians at least $16 million this year.

$478 million stolen from Aussies

$478 million stolen from Australians accounts in 1.8 million transactions.

Facebook accounts hacked

The details of 50 million Facebook accounts were hacked last month.

The dangers of public wifi

Cyber criminals are now actively targeting public wifi users to steal and sell their information.

Security concerns over PayPal breach

PayPal has been left red-faced after it was forced to admit a massive data breach.

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