If it sounds too good…

We all know the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. This saying stands true in most sections of life and is no exception to the following company we have received information on. AboutSeniors subscriber, Nigel, contacted us in regards to an organisation operating in Australia and worldwide, who offers seminars on Internet Training Workshops or Internet Cash flow Workshops. These seminars generally come with a free three-course meal and are held at top hotels such as the Hilton or Sofitel conference centres. These seminars can attract anywhere from 50 up to 500 people at a time and instead of being seminars on how to make money online, are dubious operations setup to hard sell their online merchant store products.

Why do people get so interested in these products? Because a picture is painted by the presenters, slowly wearing down the guard of the attendees. A large majority of the targeted audience are people over the age of 50, generally with little experience in the internet. This company targets their product at being operational with no knowledge of computers at all.

Be careful with what you do with your money and generally if you get an invite to a seminar for free, it is going to be a company trying to hard sell their product to you. Attending these seminars, can provide you with a lot of information on convincing people to purchase your own products, what devices and internet services these company’s use if your looking to setup your own business without investing, and at the very least, provides you with a nice three course meal (though as seen in articles below, some didn’t even get that).

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